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It’s not what we do, but why – to better our local communities; to raise desperately needed funds for our schools and non-profits; to save our local small businesses and help them prosper; to help our communities work together; and promote a better and more successful future for everyone. We want to create a perfect win-win scenario. Imagine the possibilities if we all work together!




Some of the many advantages that Businesses receive by marketing with us are:


New Advertising: We bypass newspaper, billboard and radio ads and put your business in the storefront of direct marketing—opt-in email lists. Plus, schools and non profits use our site as a vehicle for raising funds and advertise your business for you through their grassroots marketing campaign. For every deal a customer purchases, Local Sharing Tree will donate 10% of the proceeds to the school or non-profit of the customer’s choice. When you partner with us, your business will benefit from the exposure through all school and non-profits outlets, including: parents, teachers, supporters, family members, neighbors and friends. The reach is endless!


Perfect Audience: Some daily deal sites cater to moms and families, while others are geared toward urban dwellers. We cater directly to our local community and local consumers! The demographic we reach is excellent. Supporters of schools and non-profit organizations are very passionate. They support businesses that support them. Other deal companies advertise your deals to bargain hunters. Our demographic is going to be much more interested in raising money for the organization they are passionate about and supporting their community’s businesses. Therefore, they are more likely to convert into a good long term customer. On the business dashboard on our site, business owners and managers can see where the money was donated by the purchasers of their deals. We encourage you to use that to your benefit. Say you ran a different deal every month and helped a specific school raise $500 over the course of the year – tell people about it and get the recognition you deserve!!


Direct Referrals: Local Sharing Tree employs direct referrals to spread the word about your business and the great deal that you offer. The leaders of our partnered non-profit organizations and parent teacher groups will tell all of their supporters to buy the deals you offer to help support their organization. We will help them do this via email, events, social media posts and good old fashioned word of mouth.


No Up-Front Cost: Traditional advertising costs money up front without guaranteeing incoming business. What a waste! When your business partners with Local Sharing Tree, you don’t put any money up front. We work with your business to create a deal or discount, then we advertise your business – not just your deal – for FREE! You only pay when your deals are purchased.


Nothing to Lose: There are no contracts, no minimum sales, no fees and no chargers to partner. You only pay for advertising that results in a sale, a possible lifetime customer and referral source.


Complete Control: Our business partners have complete control of their deals. They can make changes, cancel or extend the deals at any time. They can place any limitations on the deals that they want, including: the number sold (to stay within a specific advertising budget or to maintain a specific margin), days or times available for redemption (if you have a slower time or day, we will help bring more people in at that time), the length of time the deals are on the site  (there’s no time frame). The business owners will have their own dashboards on the site to help monitor who bought what and how many and what school or non profits benefited. Plus we’re open to new ideas. We ask our business partners to let us know how we can make it better for them.


Get New Customers: Local Sharing Tree is designed to bring in new customers and generate brand awareness. We will even use your logo and your brand on our site! Our platform also gives business owners the ability to track the success of their promotions, spot sales trends, have more insight into customers’ buying patterns and help predict future spending opportunities for existing clients—all are robust chunks of information that small businesses don’t typically have the time or resources to track.


Social Shopping Experience: Consumers want to try new products so they have something to talk about. They can influence others, especially with our integration of social media into our advertising.  Local Sharing Tree is easily sharable and fun for your customers.


Golden Partnership with Customers: Local Sharing Tree will help business owners create an ongoing relationship with customers. We’re a daily deal site in the sense that we offer one new deal every day, but our deals run for as long as our business partners would like. This allows customers to have a more measured experience. This model does not rely on impulse buying; deal buyers purchase goods and services they actually want. It’s more of a buying experience and has a much higher retention rate. Local Sharing Tree helps businesses attract customers who are likely to become repeats. Plus, they get to raise money for their favorite schools and non profits at the same time!


Enhanced Goodwill: By partnering with Local Sharing Tree, businesses also are forming a partnership with the schools and non-profits in the area. Imagine getting your business’ name into every local school and non-profit and access to their mailing lists! That’s HUGE! And we offer that!




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