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Are Your Fundraising Tactics Reaching All Generations?



Thank you for choosing to use Local Sharing Tree as your fundraiser. We do not take your trust lightly and have created this resource page to ensure your success. While Local Sharing Tree is designed to be very low maintenance, there are simple steps your organization can take to maximize the funds you raise.





  • Assign a Primary Contact who will be the person responsible for coordinating with the Local Sharing Tree Organization Liaison. Must be able to keep communication open and be able to devote the time needed to make this a successful partnership. We suggest having a specific person that’s primary responsibility is to be the Local Sharing Tree Chair. We also suggest forming a committee with a group of people who will help share and spread the word to let all of your supporters know that they can support you by actually saving money!
  • What to do first? Register yourself and your organization on the website here! One of our organization liaison’s will be in touch with you to set-up a meeting to go over everything and get you started raising funds on our website!
  • We also ask that you help us by referring businesses that you want to see on the site. What deals will your supporters buy? The more deals that appeal to your supporters on the site, the more deals purchased, the more money saved by your supporters and the more money raised by your organization! Here’ are two sample emails for you and your supporters to customize and send out:  Letter to Businesses from Organization & Letter To Businesses from Supporters
  • We ask that you help us reach business owners that you or your supporters have contacts with as well. These may be businesses that your supporters own, or they may just be businesses where your supporters have a contact that they can pass our information on to. We will follow up with all referrals and always keep you updated on our progress. We don’t want you to sell to them; just let them know about this great opportunity for them to enhance their business while helping your organization. A referral from you and your supporters can help out more than you think. Just like we are partners with you, we work as partners with the businesses. They are always in full control and we work with them to create a deal that benefits their bottom line. Our platform works on the premise that everyone succeeds. Here’s a link to a Business Referral Form.
  • We will personally visit any business leads you provide to help them create a deal that is attractive to your supporters, but still friendly to the bottom line of their business.
  • Our support staff will create custom emails for you to forward to your supporters about Local Sharing Tree and specific deals; we will never ask for your email list. Plus, just like referrals with the businesses, your supporters are much more receptive to information straight from you.
  • We will also create custom posts for you to share on your Facebook page and website. Social media is huge now. If there’s a deal on our website that you think your supporters will love – we created a very easy to use “Share” function on the website. Simply click the link to the social site that you would like to share to listed below the deals on our website and you’re done! Let people know about these great deals and great savings! Plus each time you share, you can get rewards!
  • We also have the ability to set up promo codes for your supporters. If you work with us, we will give back to you hundred times more. Like any online shopping, we will give you discount codes so your supporters can save even MORE money, while still raising funds.
  • We also offer each organization a password-protected back office on our site where you can see every transaction that is designated to your school in real time. This creates complete transparency, so you know that you are receiving all the donations designated for your organization. You will also be able to see what businesses and deals your supporters are interested in to help coordinate other fundraising efforts more efficiently. 






If you have any questions, feel free to contact and our friendly staff will be glad to help!


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