Special Treasures of Iredell County

You may be surprised to discover that Special Treasures is much more than just a super cool place to shop!!!

 The Special Treasures store is a place where transformation is taking place every day.  Designed to connect our community with the foster youth who we are responsible to care for and prepare for life, many activities are going on behind the scenes.  Our staff work with foster youth to develop their natural talents and discover occupational opportunities they wish to pursue.  Youth accomplish this goal while they work in the store developing transferable work skills and building assets. Our main goal is that every foster youth we serve, leaves our program with educational success, long term community connections, and a clear path to successful adulthood.  We work with youth to knock out the barriers to success that many foster youth face on their own.  Paramount to our success is the connection of foster youth with mentors who can help guide them through their early adult years.  Our program helps youth gain confidence, independence, and build a solid future for themselves by offering matching savings incentives for building assets such as the purchase of transportation and housing or higher education.  

Shop + Donate + Volunteer = IMPACT