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Rescue Ranch is a 501c3 non-profit animal welfare organization formed in January 2012. We are located on an 87 acre site in Statesville, North Carolina, with plans for an Administration/Education Facility, Adoption Center, Vet Clinic, Boarding Facility, Large Animal Barns, Therapeutic Riding Arena, Riding Trails and Dog Park. We are in the early stages of rolling the Ryan Newman Foundation under the umbrella of Rescue Ranch. Rescue Ranch will encompass the mission of the Ryan Newman Foundation and more.


The Ranch conducts a variety of programs aimed at fulfilling its primary goal of ending pet overpopulation and associated suffering by promoting and providing for the humane care, protection and control of domestic animals.



Rescue Ranch promotes and provides humane education to enhance the human-animal bond; compassionate rescue; low-cost spay neuter services and responsible adoption in an effort to end pet overpopulation and its associated sufferings.

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Humane Education

The goal of the humane education program is to educate the public on animal overpopulation issues and to promote respect and compassion for animals and the environment. The Ranch will offer a variety of activities to provide direction and instruction in animal behavior and habitats, the importance of rescue/adoption of animals, and responsible pet ownership. Additionally, Animal Day Camps will provide an opportunity for hands-on interaction between children and animals to enhance the learning process of respect, compassion and care of animals.

Other Programs

Our vision for Rescue Ranch also includes a number of other programs:

Veterinary Service & Compassionate Care
Spay/Neuter Program

The timing for implementing these programs will be dependent on the success of our Capital Campaign and securing funding through corporate sponsors and charitable contributions. Please check back from time to time for information regarding our progress at implementing these programs.

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