Alcides e Rousara Diniz Foundation (ARD Foundation)

ARD Foundation’s mission is to fund oncology research focused on the following areas:

Genomics as a focus for development of new techniques to detect neoplasms, and the development of new therapies. We want to promote and reduce the cost of genetic sequencing with the hopes of improving early detection and diagnoses as well as the discovery of genetic mutations in the neoplastic cells that make it possible for the development of new treatments against certain specific mutations.

Immunotherapy that stimulates and trains the patience’s own immune system to fight against the cancer cells. The CAR-T cells are the patient’s own lymphocytes T (natural defense cells) that are genetically altered in a lab to gain receptors that detect and attack the tumor.  In other words, using genetic engineering, certain genes are inserted in the patient’s defense cells and those cells are transformed into “guided missiles” that detect and destroy the neoplastic cells.

The ARD Foundation was created on January of 2017

We believe that through the use of genomics and immunotherapy we will be able to not only promote the early detection and diagnoses of neoplasms, but also develop top of the line technologies to treat cancer effectively.

Today there are over 70 million cancer patients around the world, with 15 to 18 million new cases this year alone. These patients only have at their disposal treatments that attack the cancer while also affecting healthy cells, which results in severe side effects.

We can change that. Help the ARD Foundation  continue to finance these researchers. We are a Public Charity 501 C 3 with the status of tax exemption

ARD Foundation

124 Hatfield Road

Statesville, NC. 28625

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