About Ethereal Crack

Ethereal Crack

Organizer of True Darkness: The Ghost Tour

Ethereal Crack is a black hole – comedy so airtight and black that nobody can hear the critics scream.

We are a creative group formed in 2013, and have made people laugh at the uncomfortable, internationally. We’ve decided to start conquering live events as well, like the Spanish to the Aztecs.

Our Production Team:

☠ Tim Starnes, our producer and creative director is an internationally published playwright and events promoter. He specializes in dark comedy, German Expressionism, history, and absurdism. He has a fear of frogs and the sight of Nicolas Cage sends him into a rage. 
☠ Lisa Jillani, our resident historian and historical lifeways education director. She makes a mean rotisserie chicken. (That chicken never pecked her again!)